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Motor City Sea Farm
10090 West Chicago
Detroit, MI 48204

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We are a small family owned business that began in the late summer of 2016. We are committed to being in Detroit and part of its ongoing success story.

Here’s how it all got started:

Mark was listening to a story on NPR( Indoor Shrimp) while driving home from Okemos in August of 2016 about a guy successfully raising shrimp in swimming pools in a former abandoned mattress factory in New York. He was selling them for $25 per pound and sold out his 300 pound harvest each week in a few hours at the market. Mark thought about all the vacant buildings in Detroit and his hobby experience with marine aquariums and decided to do some research. He got his hands on some of these special shrimp, cooked them up and did a blind test with Kelly and Nate. They were the best, freshest tasting shrimp ever! Mark proceeded to check out all the online info regarding shrimp farming. He discovered shrimp farmers, Darryl and Karlana Brown, and RDM Shrimp in Fowler, Indiana. He and Kelly visited the Brown’s operation in Indiana and a few other farms and learned about shrimp farming first hand. After that, Mark talked to folks at Purdue University, Indiana University and Kentucky State and learned more. In October 2016, he decided that retirement was boring and developed a business plan committed to giving indoor shrimp farming a try and formed Motor City Sea Farm, LLC with Kelly, Chris and Nate.

Listing updated: 04/06/2021

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