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Where to Buy

Retail outlets:

  • Johnson's Foods, Grand Maraie, MN
  • Gene's Foods - IGA, Grand Marais, MN
  • Tofte General Store, Tofte, MN
  • My Sister's Place, Grand Marais, MN
  • Bluefin Bay Resort, Tofte, MN
  • Lutsen Resort, Lutsen, MN
  • Raven Rock Grill, Grand Marais, MN
  • Angry Trout Cafe, Grand Marais, MN
  • The Fisherman's Daughter, Grand Marais, MN
  • South of the Border Cafe, Grand Marais, MN
  • Birch Terrace, Grand Marais, MN
  • Blue Water Cafe, Grand Marais, MN
  • Cook County Whole Foods Co-op, Grand Marais, MN


Eric Brisson and Tyler Smith have been fishing for most of their lives. Eric grew up in a fishing family and learned the trade as he fished with his uncle in Grand Marais, MN. Tyler also began fishing in Grand Marais as a young teenager. Both fishermen apprenticed for many years to obtain their commercial fishing licenses and decided to join forces to create North Superior Fishery, LLC. They fish for herring, lake trout, and Menominee and their fish can be purchased wholesale and in restaurants, grocery stores, and shops in Minnesota.

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