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The Shrimp Shop
28587 730th Ave
Danube, MN 56230

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At the Shrimp Shop, we believe that fresh shrimp shouldn’t just be for coastal dwellers, and we’re out to prove it. Located in Danube, MN, miles and miles from the ocean, we produce tasty, natural, and fresh shrimp at our family-run farm. Using a tank-growing method that allows for easy control of water quality, we produce superior shrimp when compared to frozen options and those grown in southern hatcheries. We’ve partnered with a local Minnesota shrimp hatchery to bring area residents 100% Minnesota grown, White Pacific shrimp. You’ll taste the difference upon the first bite and feel confident using our shrimp to cook dinner for your family. Give us a call to learn more or to place your order today. You can pick up your shrimp order right at our location and take it straight home to your kitchen.

Listing updated: 04/22/2021

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