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Principals Scott Endres and Dean Engelmann are both farm boys, growing up on their families’ farms and learning a love and appreciation of plants, animals, and growing things while preserving the land for future generations.  This upbringing helped to develop a strong work ethic, which has not been forgotten as they strive to make their business the very best it can be.  They met as horticulture students at the University of Minnesota, became friends, and their friendship continues to grow to this day. The duo are well-respected leaders in the industry and the passionate visionaries of the Tangletown Team.

In 2002, Scott & Dean were on the hunt for a perfect urban location for a new garden business. It was ultimately discovered at 54th and Nicollet in Minneapolis’ Tangletown neighborhood. The property was renovated, inventory purchased, and the first crop at our farm in Plato, Minnesota was produced – leading to a Grand Opening in Spring 2003. The Twin Cities welcomed Tangletown Gardens with open arms and it became an instant destination for both gardeners and non-gardeners alike, a place for inspiration every day of the year.

At Tangletown Gardens we are passionate about giving back to the community that gives so much to us. We are always looking for opportunities to support organizations that are working to make the world a better place. We align ourselves with organizations that fight for social justice, end hunger, and reverse climate change. We also are passionate about initiatives that bring green space and agriculture into our inner-city communities. These causes are at the heart of what we believe and why we do what we do. Education is paramount to us. We donate to the University of Minnesota horticulture department, organize farm tours, and support grassroots initiatives that encourage youth to get involved in agriculture, understand food, and lead a healthy life.

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