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At Whyte’s Fishery and Smokehouse, we’re not a distributor or middleman.

We’re a 40-year-old family fishing business with a history of excellence in the fresh fish industry.

Our success comes from the care we take in personally handling, processing, and packaging the fish we sell to you.

We clean, vacuum pack, and quick-freeze our products to provide the freshest and tastiest fish you could ask for.

You won’t find any of those mushy IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) fish around here.

Those might be easier to pull out of the box, but they certainly don’t taste as good as our fish do. Not even close.

The Whyte family has built a solid reputation on the fact that our fish are fresher, tastier, and better than our competition’s.

(And in most cases, we’re able to sell it at a better price because we’ve cut out the middleman.)

See for yourself.

Taste “The Whyte’s Difference” today.


We offer a variety of Great Lakes Fish, Smoked Fish, Breakfast Links, Snack Stix & spreads!

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