Frequently Asked Questions

What is seafood?

Seafood is freshwater and marine life that can be eaten and could be commercially harvested or raised on a farm. Approximately 75% of U.S. seafood is imported. Global seafood production is about 50% wild-caught and 50% farm-raised.

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What is Aquaculture?

Aquaculture, sometimes called fish farming or fish culture, is the farming of fish and other aquatic life. In aquaculture, a farmer helps in the growing process to increase the production of fish for food, stocking, bait, fee fishing and ornamentals.

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What are wild-caught fish?

Wild-caught fish are harvested from their natural environment and sold for profit. These fish and aquatic animals harvested by the fishing industry provide large quantities of seafood for people.

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Where do I find Great Lakes seafood?

Great Lakes seafood is fresh, healthy, and sustainable. Want to know where to find it? helps you find Great Lakes fish in your area.

What are fish for stocking?

Fish for stocking is the product from raising then releasing fish into a pond, river, lake, or ocean. These fish are released for fishing or to manage fish populations and may also be referred to as stocked fish, stockies, or planted fish.

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What are ornamental fish?

Ornamental fish, sometimes called pet fish or aquarium fish, and other aquatic life are often bought for their appearance or kept for personal enjoyment in aquariums, water gardens, or decorative ponds.

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Where do I buy fish to stock my pond or fish tank?

Find healthy, sustainable, clean, and colorful fish for stocking your aquarium, water garden, or decorative pond on

What is fee fishing?

Fee fishing is a recreational fishing experience of angler who pay a fee or pay-by-the-pound to fish a private business or landowner’s stocked pond.

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What is bait fishing?

Bait fish are used by anglers for fishing, or they can be put into ponds to enhance an ecosystem. Bait fish are also called live bait or minnows.

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Where can I get out fishing?

Use to find locations near you where you can fill your bait bucket, stock your pond, or go fishing recreationally for fresh fish raised or harvested in the Great Lakes region.

How do I navigate the Fresh Fish Finder website?

Ready to find fresh fish? Use to search for things like place, fish species, or product type, including bait fish, fee fishing, fish for stocking, food fish, or ornamentals to find fresh fish near you.

How do I add my business to this website?

Are you looking for new markets to sell your fish harvested or raised in the Great Lakes region? is a free and powerful resource for connecting producers with consumers. Add your business today!
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